Domain Names
  Site Management

You don't have to have a domain name to have a web site, but having one will give you a professional image and make your web site easier for visitors to locate.

A domain name gives both your web site and your email a permanent address. Your internet connection or the location of your site may change, but your domain name and email address can remain the same forever.

Domain names are registered with InterNIC registration service. They can be renewed annually for as long as you'd like.

There are still good domain names to be had. But you may have to compromise a little, play around with some name ideas and be creative.

Your domain name should be:

as short as possible
related to your business

Once you have your domain, it will have to be directed to your web site. Two or more domains can be directed to the same web site. The process of registering and directing a domain name can take time to go into effect. So the process should be started early.

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